Adelaide: Why not stay for the weekend

Adelaide is a pretty spectacular city. As a Sydney-sider used to crazy traffic, long commute times, and a large and unwieldy city centre, I love spending time in a city where the public transport is free (the tram is free in the CBD), where you can walk easily between meetings, and there seems to be chocolate shop on every corner!

We thought that as you start to plan your travel to Adelaide, you might like to consider tagging a few days onto the beginning or end of your core conference days. Adelaide city has some great attractions – the Giant Panda’s at Adelaide Zoo are amazing! –  and just outside of the city are some of the best vineyards in Australia, penguin’s and whales, amazing coastline, and a plethora of activities both relaxing and adventure to fill your days.

So whether you are a sports fan who can’t go past a visit to Adelaide Oval, or a foodie who has Maggie Beers Farm Shop and restaurant in your sights, start planning your South Australian experience today.


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