Who’s Who Delegate Profile – Sarah Steendam

Welcome to the first of a series of posts giving a little insight into some of the delegates attending this year’s AIEC. We tend to focus on the high-profile presenters and delegates when we profile people, but I find that sometimes it’s the conversations delegates have with the person that they are sitting next to waiting for a session to start that are just as useful as the information gathered from the session itself. Keep an eye out for Sarah when you’re in Adelaide and say hello.

Sarah Steendam, The Netherlands
Sarah Steendam has a major in Communication and Information Sciences, specializing in Intercultural Communication. These studies were a mix between cultural anthropology, international relations, development studies and marketing. This blend of different angles reflects Sarah’s interest and focus in work and life. She engaged in different international positions, starting with international marketing research for the Nuffic (Netherlands organization for international cooperation in higher education, based in The Hague), their Netherlands Education Support Office in Jakarta (Indonesia) and her former university (University of Groningen), working with university offices world-wide and promoting and aligning Dutch higher education in various developing countries (a.o. China, Indonesia, Latin America). Sarah acquired further project management skills in her work as a project leader for the Dutch Refugee Council, working with refugees on image building and awareness raising on immigration and integration.

In the different projects she has worked on her key interests were international cooperation and creating synergies and networks between the stakeholders of a project. She is keen on building bridges between ideals of social improvement and the engagement of other parties (government, communities, higher education institutes, entrepreneurs). She is interested in communication and the creation of a brand or image from both a marketing perspective and as a means to improve the knowledge and efficacy of education projects.

Two years ago Sarah returned to the field of international higher education as senior marketing & communication officer at the Institute for Housing and Urban Development Studies (IHS) of Erasmus University Rotterdam. At the IHS she is in charge of the international alumni relations and corporate communication. She was recently promoted as team leader Marketing & Communication. Sarah also sits on the board of DHENIM (Dutch Higher Education Network for International Marketing).


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