Who’s Who Delegate Profile – Sri Soejatminah

Sri was born in Yogyakarta, and spent her school years in Irian Jaya/ Papua. After completing an undergraduate degree at Bogor Agricultural University, she spent one year teaching at Cendrawasih University in 1989. In 1990, Sri received an AusAid scholarship to study at Melbourne University and, on returning to Indonesia after graduation, took up a position with the Planning Bureau in the Ministry of Education in Jakarta.  Sri completed her Masters degree in Education at Monash University in 2001, again with the generous assistance of AusAid. In 2006 her family received permanent residence; thus Melbourne became our new home. Although she left a good position in Indonesia ­she felt that life in Australia, and particularly my studies in the field of International Education and Cultural Education, have allowed her to develop much broader horizons and she is eager to pursue work and further research in this field.

Sri is currently completing her doctoral thesis in International Education at Deakin University in Melbourne. After migrating to Australia in 2003, Sri became interested in developments within the Australian International Education sector; the large number of migrant and visiting international students caused her to question how teachers can best prepare themselves to address the ‘cultural gaps’ – both teacher/ student, and student/student ‘gaps’. It seemed to Sri that the promotion of intercultural competence among student teachers would naturally lead to education that would prepare young people for a more global world. Sri’s observations of the multicultural school and university system in Australia made her keen to explore the field of Intercultural Studies, and she embarked on a PhD under the supervision of Professor Ian Robottom.

Sri is eager to pursue work and further research in this field, and her own words, “I am very excited about my life after graduation!”.


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