So Many Sessions to Choose From….

I’ve been getting complaints! Now, normally, I’d not broadcast complaints in a public forum like this, but I’m actually rather pleased about these particular ones…  Delegates have been contacting me to complain that there are too many fantastic sessions to choose from, and that they are going to have to make some tough decisions about what they go to, and what they have to miss. My advice to them is to bring along more colleagues and divide and conquer! 

Here’s a sampler of sessions that one of  my IDP Colleagues has put together that will particularly useful to her role. With over 90 sessions and more than 140 speakers to choose from, it might be time to start thinking about your own schedule for the week. For the full conference program, visit the AIEC website at

In times of crisis, how can we add value? By making graduates globally employable.
From his recent study with 1,000 international students, acclaimed researcher Rob Lawrence talks about how programs may need to be adapted to cater for the next generation of international students.

The rise of India and China as new world powers: future strategy choices facing Australia
The seminar will address some of the issues defining the emerging possibilities of global trade in higher education and global collaborations with our region.
Speakers: Dr Michael Wesley, Director Lowy Institute; Professor Simon Marginson, University of Melbourne; Professor Armitabh Matoo, Director, Australia India Institute, University of Melbourne

India in Focus
This session brings together a panel of India specialists who will provide a comprehensive overview of current education development in India, particularly for higher education.
Speakers: Dr Neil Kemp OBE, Institute of Education, University of London, Professor John Webb OAM, Deputy Director, Australia India Institute, University of Melbourne, Dr Surendrakumar Badge, Director North American & Japan, Ministry of Finance, government of India

Changes in government’s policy: how has it affected international student recruitment and what does it man for the future?
In light of  significant government policy changes in Australia, the UK and USA, can we sustain the growth in demand, heading into 2012?.
Speakers: Mr Stephen Reimann, Hobsons; Mr Jeffrey Smart, Swinburne University; Mr Daniel Jones, Xavier University.

Global mobility in a future of social media
How will social media be used in the future to enhance global mobility and experience?
Speakers: Miss Sigourney Young & Ms Susan McPharlin, the Faculty of Business and Economics, the University of Melbourne.


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