Who’s Who Delegate Profile – Philipp Ivanov

Philipp Ivanov  is an education and international development consultant. Until recently he was the Acting Deputy Director of the University of Sydney Research Institute for Asia and the Pacific and Head of the International Leaders Program.

Philipp is from Russia. Born and bred on the Pacific coast of Russia in Vladivostok. He got into an undergrad program in China studies at the Institute of Oriental Studies (Far Eastern National University – which is one of 3 major academic centres of Asian studies in Russia), and completed a Master of Educational Leadership and Management from RMIT University.

His working career saw him spend 6 years in China working first as an education development consultant in rural school reform projects in Liaoning province and the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. Later he worked as a teacher and program coordinator at the International Education Network.

In 2005 he came to Australia to study at RMIT and has been here working in various international education roles ever since.

When not slaving away at work, he likes nothing more than swimming in the ocean – Box Beach near Port Stephens in NSW is one of his favourite places to be. Say hi to Philipp if you see him around the conference, or catch the session he’s speaking in: Enhancing the Soft Power Potential of Australian International Education: Re-defining the Next 25 Years Wednesday 1210-1310pm.


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