Meet Lalith Soni – Delegate profile

Lalith is one of the many delegates you may meet during AIEC 2012.

An international journey from student to IDP counsellorImage
When Lalith Soni joined IDP India in 2006, he could never have imagined the direction his life would take.

Six years ago Lalith was finishing his university studies in Chennai, India when he accepted a part-time position to help organise IDP student exhibitions.

Soon after, Lalith became an IDP counsellor and began placing students from Chennai in Australian institutions.

Buoyed by the success stories of IDP students, Lalith took part in his own international student experience and studied human resource management at Swinburne University, Melbourne.

Lalith now works in the IDP Student Services Australia team as a Regional Trainer and Senior Education Counsellor.

Lalith said IDP’s commitment to its students is the key to upholding the integrity of the organisation.

“IDP is always driven by what is in the best interest of the students,” he said.
“As a counsellor, we are focused on what objectives students want to achieve from their studies and we work to find a course that provides the best fit.”

Lalith continues to play an active role in Melbourne’s international student community and is currently on the organising committee for City of Melbourne’s Lord Mayor Student Welcome events.


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