Session in focus: Keeping safe in cyberspace

 Keeping safe in cyberspace: Considerations for the online safety of the International Student

Presented by Ms Susan McLean, Cyber Safety Solutions 
Chaired by Mr Tony De Gruchy, Canning College & IEAA Board member
4pm, Wednesday 3 October

About this session

 Today’s youth have unprecedented access to and are accessible by many millions of people worldwide. Young people are often not aware that their words and or photos which may have been intended for a small audience, sometimes find their way to a larger one, often with very undesirable consequences.

Cyber bullying and associated issues are the number one, non-academic issue confronting educational institutions all around the world.

International students pose a difficult challenge as using the internet to keep in touch with family and friends is vital. Consideration however must be given to the ‘duty of care’ the host organisation and host family have in relation to assisting the international students in their care to be safe online.

What boundaries should be put in place? What restrictions on technology use are appropriate? How are these vulnerable young people supported in the digital world to ensure that they stay safe online and understand the issue of criminality as it applies to technology misuse in Australia?

 This session has been funded by Vision International – An association of Australian Schools.


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