Call for papers now open and AIEC 2012 Review available

AIEC 2013 Call for Session Proposals now open

Education institutions are under increasing pressure to engage deeply at the international level while at the same time operating primarily as national agents within their domestic framework. Achieving balance and sustainability in this context is often a significant challenge. Global and local educational, economic, and socio-political forces continually intersect, creating competing priorities but also fostering creative tensions.

This year’s AIEC will focus on the key global, regional and local drivers that influence and shape international education. What impact do these drivers have and how can we respond to them most effectively? Conversely, what impact does international education have on the world around us globally and locally? How do local realities affect our ability to respond to global imperatives and opportunities? How do we achieve balance between global imperatives and local realities? How will international education influence and shape the future of the nation and the world?

AIEC 2013 will address these fundamental issues. The program will feature major thought leaders, practitioners, researchers and other experts from Australia and internationally. Five conference streams reflect and build on the overarching theme.

To submit a proposal or for more information visit the AIEC website.

AIEC 2012 Review now available

Download the review of the 2012 conference to relive the highlights of 2012 or catch up on what you missed if you couldn’t make it to Melbourne last year.AIEC review cover


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