Monitoring MOOCs

 Exploring international students perceptions of Massive Open Online Courses

In recent years, the rise of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) has dominated discussion amongst the international higher education sector.

The sector has largely embraced MOOCs as an opportunity to provide education to those who – due to their geographic location, economic circumstances, or time commitments – would not have had access to it under traditional learning models.

During AIEC, Professor Jane Klobas, Adjunct Associate Professor Bruce Mackintosh and Associate Professor Tanya McGill will present information that examines the current attitudes among international students towards MOOCs and discover if MOOCs are seen as a substitute for or a supplement to an international education.

The presentation will be part of the Inside the Minds of Today’s International Students: IDP’s Latest Research session.

The session, led by Lyndell Jacka, Head of Research at IDP Education, takes the pulse and temperature check of international students to see what they are thinking about the world of education.

Session Details
Inside the Minds of Today’s International Students: IDP Education’s Latest Research

Date/time: Thursday 10 October, 9.00am – 10.00am
Room: Ballroom

Ms Lyndell Jacka, IDP Education, Australia
Professor Jane Klobas, Bocconi University, Italy, and Adjunct at Murdoch University
Adjunct Associate Professor Bruce Mackintosh, The University of Western Australia
Associate Professor Tanya McGill, Murdoch University

Target audience:
The session will be useful for those who are responsible for marketing to or recruiting international students and for those with an interest in the student experience, as well as those interested in whether MOOCs are a disruptive technology for international education.

Key interest: Marketing, recruitment, cooperation and competition Sector(s): Higher education, English language.

More information on the AIEC program is available here


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