Goodbye from AIEC and a few final thoughts…

I posted last night on Facebook ‘I’ve heard Brisbane is a lovely city..” to which my Sister-in-Law replied ‘didn’t get outside the hotel then?’ Isn’t it often the way that on our travels that we end up in some of the most beautiful and cultural places on Earth but we rarely get to experience them?

But that’s the nature of our work and it has been a really fantastic experience to be at AIEC here in Brisbane this year and mix with so many others from the industry and listen to so many high quality debates and talks.

Don’t forget to download the British Council’s report on Postgraduate student mobility trends to 2024. The presentation on this earlier today was excellent and focused on postgraduate mobility, forecasting key drivers of student mobility and postgraduate student flows to 2024. There are some key insights in there that can help us to forecast.

Finally, and before I jump on a plane, it was great to see Dan Gregory from The Impossible Institute present on ‘The things that pull our strings’. What a fantastic talk where Dan challenged us all to think laterally and to look at human behaviors. Dan talked about the age of unprecedented change that we live in, particularly in terms of the digital revolution. He talked about ‘expectation inflation’ where expectations keep going up and up and we have to deal with this and how higher expectations go hand in hand with potentially greater disappointments.

Dan challenged us not to stand still in our work and one of the things I really liked was the idea of ‘value alignment’ that we need to make our values our customers’ or clients’ values. Again, Dan echoed the theme of the importance of not crushing creativity but encouraging people to think sideways. He talked about the importance of diversity in the workplace and among people and how a diverse group is a more intelligent group. Diversity can help us avoid contextual blindness and therefore diversity of people, skills and attitudes within our places of work must be encouraged.

On that subject, I’m off to visit a another diverse group of people – my family – in Sydney who I haven’t seen for some time so I’m going to wave goodbye to Brisbane.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed being a guest blogger and experiencing AIEC 2014. I shall certainly be taking a lot of thoughts back to the IDP as well as trying to lobby my boss to allow me to come to AIEC 2015 in Adelaide. Although, in the interests of diversity perhaps a colleague should experience what I’ve experienced… Thanks to all and safe journey home.

Best wishes



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