Shakin’ it up to Stay Relevant

It’s Day #3, and I’m still reflecting on the latest and greatest work from Rob Lawrence that was presented yesterday afternoon.  I don’t know about you, but a highlight of each AIEC for me is around the gold that emerges from the ‘hot off the press’ data that Rob imparts onto us each year.  2016 has been no exception on both fronts, and I will now be throwing around terms like, “Super Structure Environments and Bleisure Zones” for the next little while.  We were introduced to napping and mobile work pods that organisations like Virgin are installing across Australia.

Creativity, problem solving, and social intelligence are now emerging as critical attributes in the workplace, so the big question now is how are educational outfits re-inventing themselves to deliver on these outcomes? If we’re serious about equipping our students for the workforce of the future, it’s clear that we need to rethink our models of pedagogy and partnering to set ourselves and students up for success.

Now with Day #3 underway, the first session brought a wee smile of pride to my weary Melbourne-nite face as Study Melbourne showcased recent initiatives that are building up Melbourne as a welcoming and preferred cosmopolitan hub for students.  A clear focus for Study Melbourne is around enhancing the student experience, but not without creatively linking with educational, government, and industry bodies to advance in these efforts.  Their formula isn’t unique in my opinion.  It’s just clear, focused, and effectively initiated.  Well done, Melbourne.

Signing off now to hear about how the UK and AUS governments are collaborating to implement national strategies…I think I’m about to learn a lot more about the impact of the BREXIT.


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