The Dream Builder

Wow! Day three has been epic.  Great speakers, sessions, and many face to face connections simply made throughout the day that I’ve been consumed and not posting – yikes!

The morning served up a range of strategic discussions tackling national strategies developed by the UK and Australia to the aspiring desire to create a collective framework for a global education agent quality framework.  Both very big endeavours requiring significant commitment from the top, and an energy to see the work to fruition.  Having representatives from government and peak industry bodies in the same room nutting out these issues and working in unison is very promising indeed.

Moving on from a morning dominated by regulatory frameworks and government strategy, the afternoon plenary took us all back to the why we are all here in the first place.  The STUDENTS.

We hear it all too often that it only takes one person to make a difference and that in our roles as international education professionals, we can change lives.  However, all too often in my experience, we lose sight of the student and find ourselves frustrated and entangled in a web of bureaucracy, politics, and ivory towers without a student in sight.  Today’s plenary was a reminder of the power of education, and the potential impact that we all can make within our respective organisations, within our communities, and individually.

KOTO – Know One Teach One – is transforming lives through education, and at the helm, is the Dream Builder – Jimmy Pham.  Like many others in the plenary hall today, ten years on, I am again privileged to be hearing the KOTO story.  This time, we are honoured to not only to hear from Jimmy, but Huong Dang – a remarkable young woman that is an alumnus of KOTO and continuing to exceed each and every goal she sets out to achieve.

Huang’s story is humbling, inspirational, and an example of just one of  > 1,000 students that have had their lives transformed by KOTO.  What an incredible plenary.  – Dawn


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